My name is Jesus Omar Gallegos and I am a Teacher Entrepreneur.

A core belief of mine is that true empowerment comes from the ability to live out ones dreams and I believe that entrepreneurship can be a way to accomplish this. I tell my students “I practice what I teach.” As a Teacher Entrepreneur, I am living out my dreams by working to help others live theirs.

I became and educator in 2009 and I am committed to the development of marketing and entrepreneurial education in our country.  I teach at San Antonio Independent School District’s Brackenridge High School, and at Alamo Community College District’s St. Philip’s College as an Adjunct Professor. The courses I teach are Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Advertising and Sales and have taught Sports and Entertainment Marketing and Web Technology courses.

Before becoming an educator, I worked in several industries and gained 14 years of experience working in Business Administration, Information Management, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Real Estate, Finance, Human Resources, and Military Operations. Companies I have worked for include JPMorgan Chase, InnTerActive Marketing, AmeriNet Mortgage, Homevestors, the Austin American-Statesman, and the United States Air Force.

The companies I mentioned above are the ones I use for my resume but I have also worked for my father’s construction business JG Masonry, Wendy’s, Yee’s Oriental Express, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Radio Shack, Howdy Honda, Sunset Direct and probably a couple more I can’t remember.

I have also served as President of the American Marketing Association’s San Antonio Chapter, President of the Marketing Educators of Texas and as a board member of the national Marketing Education Association.

I believe that if I can teach enough people how to start businesses, some of them will make a living for themselves but also create jobs for others. I also believe by being an Entrepreneur (owning Perks Coffee Cafe and InLimbic),  I can show students day to day real world examples of business in my classrooms. In my opinion, there is no better way to teach Entrepreneurship and Business Classes than by being a player in the marketplace.

My plan is to share my ideas and experiences with the public to help make a positive difference in the world. Please contact me at if you are also interested in make a positive difference through business education.